Author:Cindy Hartman

Sifting Through The Memories

There have been so many natural tragedies in the news this past year, and we’ve all seen the news stories where a family loses everything. If you are like me, and my friends and family, it makes you take stock of belongings and do a double...

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Power Surges and Preventing Damage

High winds from the recent hurricanes in the Southern United States and the Islands caused major power outages when the lines were pulled down, blown down, and poles completely upended. For states in the Northern part of the country, power outages occur every winter due...

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The Statistics Are Staggering

According to the FBI's most recent statistics, there is a reported robbery every 1.6 minutes in the U.S. and a burglary every 18.2 seconds. This equates to more than three burglaries every minute, 198 every hour, and 4,608 every day. The cost of property crimes is estimated...

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