Home Insurance 101

My favorite client is the first-time home buyer.  They are excited, nervous, and most important of all a captive and eager audience to learn about how to properly protect their biggest investment.   A lot has changed in the industry regarding homeowner’s insurance over the last 15...

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Personal Property Theft Sub-limits

[caption id="attachment_52008" align="alignleft" width="138"] © Denis Ryan Kelly Jr.[/caption] Most homeowners are unaware of personal property theft sub-limits within their homeowners’ Coverage C (contents). Sub-limits are special limitations (dollar limits) within a homeowner policy regarding personal property that is stolen. There are specific dollar limits for theft...

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How Long Will It Last?

  Does it seem that you're replacing items in your house way too often? It certainly can keep you busy making sure your inventory remains updated, can't it?   We thought it might be helpful to learn what the "standard" life expectancy is for some of...

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