Collectibles That  Are – Currently – Worth Your Investment

In a previous post, we shared some of the collectible items that have decreased in value. This drop in interest is due to the changes in lifestyle of the new generation. There are some collectibles, though, that are worth the investment, and as promised, we will cover the most common.


When talking to antique dealers and appraisers, we find that they all have one recommendation: buy what you love, and if you’re lucky, it will remain valuable. If the items you chose to collect lose their value, you will at least have surrounded yourself with items you enjoy. Whatever you collect, it’s wise to have a thorough home inventory. Depending on the value, an insurance rider might also be required to ensure full reimbursement if you experience a theft, fire, or other loss.


“Hot” collectible items today


Childhood toys – Nostalgia … ahhh, the good old days! Many items are becoming collectibles due to the memories of one’s childhood.


Contemporary art – A benefit of collecting contemporary art is that the prices vary greatly, making it  accessible to collectors of all financial levels. This is currently a growing trend for collectors.


Mid-century furniture – The antique furniture market isn’t what it used to be. Instead, more modern pieces from the 1950s through the 1970s have created a stir in the collectibles arena. Many are choosing to invest in these pieces because they have a story connected to them, rather than buying a currently modern piece that was mass produced overseas.


Pop memorabilia – If you’re just starting out on this adventure, pop memorabilia may be a good way to begin. Value My Stuff says that pop memorabilia could make the highest return compared to other collectible categories. Quite often they see items sell for more now that when it was originally purchased.


Star Wars memorabilia – This year, a boba Fett figurine sold for over $27,000 at auction. This is rare, though, and it is stated that Star Wars is probably the only film franchise that has memorabilia that will be valued at such high prices. Focus on items from the first movie, made before people realized how popular this series would become. An action figure that was purchased for just $1.99 (and still in the original package) can now sell for between $5,000 and $7,000 due to its rarity.


Times change – and so does value


Remember, though, that times change, peoples’ tastes change, and any of these items could, years from now, or as early as tomorrow, have little or no value whatsoever. So, as the beginning of this article stated – collect for your own personal enjoyment, rather than collecting with the hopes that someday you will have amassed a fortune.

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