Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

The plethora and variety of holidays have arrived, and many include the tradition of decorating your home. You have probably already pulled your decorations out of storage and are enjoying the beauty, memories, and emotions they provide.

It is difficult to remember the contents in your home that you see every day. Can you imagine trying to remember all of your holiday items if you have a loss? Clients are surprised when they discover value of all their holiday items. This is one of the many reasons to create a home inventory. Being able to prove ownership is essential to be able to replace all that is stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

Before boxing them up for storage for another year, take photos of your decorations and other holiday items (special dishes, linens, etc.). Total the value and enter the amount as a line item on your inventory report. If you have high-end items, such as collectibles, villages, and trees, list them as separate line items and note the value of each individually. Then, if a disaster does occur, you will have this information included in your home inventory.

That is a great gift you can give yourself!

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