A Specialized Service: Collections Inventory

You are aware that we provide certified home and business inventory services. However, we have found that many do not know that we also include specialty services, one of which is documenting collectibles. This means that if you don’t want all the contents of your home inventoried, but do want just an inventory of your collectible items, we do that!


Often clients want just a group photo of their collection, and then have the entire collection listed on the written report as one item. This is a standard process for a home inventory service. However, for the serious collector – one who wants the details of each piece noted – the Collections Inventory Service is their preference.


Collections Inventory Service

How is a collections inventory different from a whole-house inventory? It’s in the details. We photograph each item individually, and the written description includes information available to provide details of each item, piece-by-piece. For example:

  • Artwork – artist, medium, name of piece, measurements
  • Baseball cards – player, team, year
  • Books – title, author, edition,publisher, ISBN #
  • China – manufacturer, pattern, # of place settings and # of pieces per place setting, list of each serving dish
  • Comic books – publisher, character, issue #, date
  • Figurines – manufacturer, name of the piece, identifying number, measurements
  • Guns – manufacturer, type, model, caliber or gauge, serial number
  • Sports memorabilia – item, team, who autographed


In addition to common collectibles like coins, stamps, and the items noted above, we are aware of people collecting less common items, such as salt and pepper shakers, model cars and airplanes, brass bells, decks of playing cards, historic documents, mounted taxidermies … you name it, someone, somewhere, probably has a collection of it! One unique collection documented is of paperback books. Each had an approximate value of 25 cents each, but the owner wanted the collection itemized, and didn’t have the patience to record them himself.


Why it’s best to have an inventory of your collectibles


Why have a special inventory of collectibles? There are many purposes for this service:

  • To be able to itemize the value of each item and the collection as a whole.
  • Knowing they are insured sufficiently.
  • Using it as a source to note what items their family and friends want “someday.”
  • Having photos and descriptions to prepare to sell them as a whole collection or individually. to collectors, on eBay, on auction sites, etc.
  • Prevention from buying an item they already own while working on completing a collection.


Whether you want a whole-house inventory, a collections inventory, or both, we will create the inventory of your choice.