A Valentine’s Day Routine

It’s that time of year when chocolates, flowers, and other special gifts are given and received in abundance. There is a common routine that many have created over the years, and it goes something like this …


The doorbell rings. A wife, fiancée, or other significant person in your life opens the door in anticipation of the annual gift of flowers. She smiles from ear-to-ear as she goes to the junk drawer to find the scissors. Enjoying the process of cutting the stems, she gently handles each flower. The next step is to retrieve that beautiful leaded glass crystal vase that is reserved for this special occasion. The roses are placed gently and lovingly in the vase one-by-one. When all are beautifully arranged, as routine has it, she places it in the center of her great-grandmother’s antique dining room table.


Now it’s time to get ready for dinner. Makeup and a spritz or two of perfume are applied. The special dinner dress is on … ready to go! Oh wait! What about jewelry? The matching bracelet, necklace, and earrings that were a birthday present will be just the right touch!


Valentine’s Day and a Home Inventory


This has been a lovely story, hasn’t it? Now, let’s go back and see what this has to do with a loss from theft or a disaster and the value of having a home inventory:


  • A junk drawer – A major insurance company places the value of a junk drawer at $150. We all have at least one – what’s in yours? An insurance agent totaled his “junk items” and found the contents exceeded $500!
  • Leaded glass crystal vase – Chances are, since you use that vase just once a year, you wouldn’t remember to list it on your claim. Then Valentine’s Day comes around again, and you contact your agent because that vase had a value of, let’s say, $1500. You’ve already settled with the insurance company, so you won’t receive any more insurance reimbursement.
  • Antiques – Listing antiques on your written report, plus having photos and appraisals, will provide the information your insurance adjuster will need to help ensure proper coverage – and sufficient insurance replacement dollars.
  • Makeup and perfume – Photos of these items will help you remember and prove not just how much you had, but what brands you use. These can easily add up to hundreds of dollars.
  • Clothing – Do you have photos of your high-cost clothing, and a list that includes the manufacturer? Leather jackets, fur coats, hand-tailored suits – and, of course, evening gowns and dinner dresses?
  • Jewelry – You probably have riders on your high-end pieces. But what about all of your fine costume jewelry? A $300 Tiffany bracelet isn’t costly enough to insure separately, but when all of your pieces are added together, they can total into the thousands!


What started out as a beautiful love story sure did create a lot of questions, didn’t it? If you aren’t sure you have sufficient insurance coverage, check with your agent. You’ll LOVE the peace of mind a good insurance policy will give you.


You’ll also LOVE the value of your home inventory when you are filing your claim. Be sure to update it annually so you can replace all the things you LOVE!