An Insurance Agent’s Perspective

I believe that an insurance agency should provide prompt service, offer competitive pricing from various companies, and suggest coverage options that meet their needs. Doing this with each client provides a focus to develop a trusting relationship. One key initiative is to help them understand coverage and how insurance works. If the time comes to file a claim, that is not the time to find they didn’t understand what information they would be required to provide.


Being an advocate for our clients is one of my initiatives. However, the burden of proof is on the policyholder, and being prepared to file a thorough claim to the insurance company is extremely important. After a loss, you will be under stress, experience emotions that prohibit you from thinking clearly, and face the pressure to meet deadlines. It is quite difficult to remember and list everything that was stolen or destroyed under these conditions. In fact, it’s probably impossible to list everything without these demands.


Everyone should have a home or business inventory


In my opinion, every business owner, homeowner, or renter should have an inventory of their contents. Too many people wait until something happens and then react instead of being proactive. I recommend that my clients have this information prepared in case they face a time when they need to file a claim. The many reasons this could happen – theft, fire, or a natural disaster – is one of the worst times in one’s life. Facing loss, along with the stress, can create a difficult time.


The nice thing is, you have a choice whether you want to tackle the job yourself, or hire a professional inventory service. The beauty with having Hartman Inventory complete your home or business inventory is that you know the inventory is going to get done.  Many people say, “I can do that for free,” and then never do it.  And if they actually do create the document, it is highly likely they will not remember to keep it updated.


Worth the Investment


It is well worth the investment to know that your inventory is done by a home inventory professional. I found the process to be efficient, courteous, and confidential.
The reality is, you hope nothing ever happens, but the inventory gives you peace of mind and evidence of all your belongings in case something bad happens!


About Scott Wenclewicz – After completing an internship with a large insurance company, Scott Wenclewicz realized this is the industry where he wanted to build his career. Knowing he wanted a smaller environment, he and his brother Mark, opened their own insurance agency in 2009. Scott is Partner/Agent at Wenclewicz Insurance in Indianapolis, Indiana, providing residential, business, auto, and life insurance products. To contact Scott, email or call 317-288-5099.