Being Thankful

Being Thankful

This is the time of year when most people take time to reflect. These thoughts include being grateful for their health and thankful for family and friends. Most also appreciate all the “stuff” they own, realizing how fortunate they are.

Years ago, most houses had only one television and one telephone. Now, it’s not unusual for us to count four, five, or even six or more TVs during a home inventory. The same can be said for tablets, laptops, cell phones, and other electronics. A kitchen is usually overflowing with small electric appliances. And most garages? “Wow” sums it nicely!

It is interesting how often people say, “I don’t have much,” when they call to schedule an inventory service. Then, during our discussion when we deliver the portfolio, that statement frequently changes to, “I had no idea we own so much.” Viewing the photos is often a real eye-opener to the amount of contents in their home.

This can happen because as new items are purchased, many people don’t discard the old. After a few years, the number of clothes, toys, furniture (indoor and outdoor), tools, etc., mount up. Even those who state they are “minimalists” own a lot compared to a few decades ago.

With all of this abundance of belongings, many clients express how extremely thankful they are for what they own. The majority have worked hard to create the life they have, and see these luxuries as blessings..

Appreciation is even greater when someone has a loss. Clients who had an inventory created prior to their fire, theft, or natural disaster have expressed how thankful they are that they had this information prepared. Being able to refer to their portfolio lessens stress, saves time, and can provide a more equitable insurance settlement.

As we near the season of Thanksgiving, we want to state how thankful we are for those who see value in our inventory service. And for those of you who are considering a home or business inventory … we will be honored if you’ll “let us count your blessings!