Keeping Your Valuables Safe

Summer is here, and many are planning vacations. Knowing you're going to be away from home for an extended period of time, you might be considering renting a safe deposit box or placing some of your more valuable items in a box you already rent. Unfortunately,...

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After Your Immediate Needs Are Met

As owners of a¬†personal property inventory service, people often tell us stories of what happened to their own family, other family members, or their friends.   It is very emotional and heart-breaking when someone has any loss, but especially when they experience a major or total loss.   Here...

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It’s Time To Move Outdoors

It's been a long, cold, wet winter. Harsh winter weather often leaves outdoor furniture in need of major cleaning. This is true whether stored in a garage or utility building or left outside, covered or uncovered. As you prepare for a long, relaxing summer on...

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