Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Neil Sadaka recorded a song that hit the top of the charts in 1962. Titled “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do,” many who grew up in that era can still sing every word.


(I’m guessing you’re singing it to yourself right now.) 


There are many reasons to have an inventory of the contents of your home. Preparing for a divorce is one of those times.


There isn’t a song about home inventory, but I’m thinking there should be. Or maybe we can just adopt Mr. Sadaka’s song as one of our marketing campaigns.


The lyrics to “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”:


Don’t take your love away from me
Don’t you leave my heart in misery
If you go then I’ll be blue
Cause breaking up is hard to do

Remember when you held me tight
And you kissed me all through the night
Think of all that we’ve been through
And breaking up is hard to do

They say that breaking up is hard to do
Now I know
I know that it’s true
Don’t say that this is the end
Instead of breaking up I wish that we were making up again

I beg of you don’t say goodbye
Can’t we give our love another try?
Come on, baby, let’s start anew
Cause breaking up is hard to do


Inventory for separation of assets


Often when a couple decides it’s best to end the marriage, there is a need for an inventory prior to the divorce. A 3rd party report serves many purposes:


  • Disinterested party collecting the information
  • Photos of all items
  • A section to note what items belong to which spouse
  • Prepared report to place value on the items that will be included in the separation of assets
  • A professional to complete this project while the couple is dealing with stress, emotions, and the many other things they need to tend to.


Though a divorce is sometimes the best answer to an unhappy situation, having an inventory of the couple’s contents will help ease the process.