Have Fun This Summer, But Protect Your Personal Property

PadlockWith at least a full month and half of summer fun ahead, we wanted to share some tips to help you protect your belongings while you’re on a long vacation, enjoying just a weekend get-away, or relaxing in your back yard.


You can have more fun when you know you’ve taken measure to ensure that your belongings will remain yours, and not someone’s who decided to enter your home, garage, or shed and take what they want.


Your home


While you’re in the back yard mowing, or enjoying a cookout on the deck or patio, you could experience a theft. Reselling stolen tools and lawn equipment is quite a money-maker for summer-time thieves. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your summer at home.


  • Make sure your front doors are locked when you’re spending time in the back yard. There are many reports every summer of thieves just walking in, taking items, and leaving without being caught.
  • Keep your garage door down to avoid easy access. This will eliminate grab-n-go opportunities.
  • Don’t leave valuable tools, sporting equipment, or lawn equipment outside when you aren’t using them.
  • If you can’t keep your bikes inside the garage or shed, use heavy chains and thread them through both wheels and the frame, and use a thick padlock to attach it to the rack.


Vacation home

Thieves love houses that are occupied mainly on just the weekends or holidays. They are aware of your absence, so it’s a great idea to deter thefts as much as possible.


  • Walk around the property before leaving to ensure you didn’t leave sporting equipment (such as skis and bicycles) or lawn equipment out. Lock them up in a shed or garage.
  • Be sure your  house, garage, and shed doors and windows are securely locked when you leave.
  • Stagger timers on your interior lights.
  • Verify that your motion-activated exterior lights are working.
  • Consider a security video camera that you can monitor from your smart phone or computer.


Enjoy the remainder of the summer, and remember that these tips are great suggestions to deter year ’round thefts.