I Spy With My Little Eye

Years ago, I would sit with my grandfather and play the game “I spy with my little eye” for hours. As I look back, I realize it was his way to get me to sit still for a while and give him a rest. For those of you unfamiliar with this common game played in the simpler times of the 1950’s, one person would pick an item in the room and say “I spy with my little eye something that is …” and you’d give a color, or some other descriptive (but not too descriptive) word. Then the other person would have to guess what you chose.


He would let me pick the room each time we played this game, but never the same room twice in a row. My favorite was the garage because it was so full of interesting things to choose from!


I think of this game often as we provide our home and business inventory service. You are probably wondering what this overly-simple game has to do with documenting the contents of a house or place of business. The reason is because more often than not, we find items that the owners forgot they owned, or couldn’t remember where the item was.


Items that are often misplaced


Some examples of recent inventoried items that we spied with our little eyes:


  • A video camera on the shelf in the basement
  • Easels in a storage area
  • A pair of binoculars in a cabinet in the garage
  • A leather jacket that had been pushed way back to the far end of the closet – the owner had been looking for it for 2 years


I love the look on the owners’ faces when they realize our find. Statements of “I thought I gave that away,” or “Oh my gosh! I forgot I owned them,” or “I’ve been looking all over the house for that!” are repeated over and over.


And for me, one of the perks of owning a home and business inventory service is that these moments bring back many fond memories of the happy times I had with my grandfather.