Is Damage From A Fallen Tree Covered By My Insurance

Tree through roof

If a tree falls due to a covered peril and damages your home or other insured structures (ie., a fence, detached garage, shed), your standard homeowners insurance policy covers the structures.

It doesn’t matter who owned the tree, you will file a claim with your insurance company. According to Allstate Insurance, after a windstorm, “trees, shrubs, and branches can become projectiles capable of traveling significant distances and causing considerable damage to property. In most cases, an insurance company is not going to spend time trying to figure out where a tree or branches originally came from.”

Allstate also states that “homeowners insurance usually won’t cover a loss caused by negligence or a maintenance-related issue. So if the tree was rotting and ready to fall down before the storm, homeowners insurance likely would not cover the damage the tree caused to your home.”

What about my personal property? Is it covered?

Your standard homeowners insurance policy will also cover damage to your contents, such as patio furniture, barbecue grills, lawn chairs, etc. Consider that often a tree comes through the roof; damage to contents inside will also occur. Those with an inventory will be able to prove ownership and value of these items that were damaged or blown away.