Looking Ahead

To Do ListDecember is an extremely busy month, consisting of parties, baking, shopping, decorating, and gift sharing.


Most would wonder (we did, too) why, with all these extra activities going on, people are calling for home inventory services.


Since we couldn’t figure it out, we asked some clients what encouraged them to contact us during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It was interesting to learn their reasons:


  • They put it on their to-do list in January, it is now December, and they still had it on their to-do list.
  • They were “sure” they would get it done, and ran out of time.
  • They started it a couple times, but never finished it – everyday activities seemed to always get in the way.
  • They promised themselves they would have it checked off their to-do list by year-end; hiring the service was the best option.


A question we have asked insurance agents, disaster victims, and clients is, “What is a key advantage to having an inventory of one’s home or business contents?” Following are some of the most frequent answers:


You’ll remember. Many did not recover thousands of dollars from their insurance company because they forgot numerous items. Some policyholders reported that they just gave up after months of trying to remember. It became a time-consuming, daunting task trying to pull all that information together.


Proof of ownership. Some only received a portion of what they needed to replace items with a “like” item because they couldn’t prove the higher-than-normal value. Others reported that they receive nothing for specific items because they couldn’t prove they owned what they were claiming.


Information via photo and serial numbers. One client had a ring stolen. It was a special design and the photos enabled police to recover it from a pawn shop because the picture proved it was the homeowner’s ring. When electronics are stolen, the serial number proves it is yours, thus securing your ability to have the recovered stolen items returned to you.


Reduced stress. Having all the information in an inventory document will help alleviate the stress and other emotions associated with the loss.

The time factor. Adjusters and insurance agents stated that those with an inventory often file their initial claim within 48 hours. Without an inventory, they state it usually takes months.


Three “ifs” to consider:


  1. If you still have “create a contents inventory” on your 2017 to-do list, we’ll be happy to schedule your inventory before the end of December. It’ll be done quickly, professionally, and you can enjoy the holidays.
  2. If you already have an inventory, be sure to take photos of your holiday decorations while they are out so you can have this visual to refer to if necessary. And be sure to send the photos electronically to us for safekeeping.
  3. If you’re planning your to-do list for 2018, remember to include to create an inventory if you don’t have one, or to update yours if you do have this important document.