Many Reasons For An Inventory

An insurance agent who does what he suggests his clients do is the ultimate professional. We appreciate that Scott Wenclewicz offered to provide the article, “An Insurance Agent’s Perspective,” sharing his thoughts about home and business inventories.


In addition to disaster preparedness and recovery, there are many other times when a contents inventory plays a very important role. A key benefit of our process is that we consulted with insurance agents and adjusters, attorneys, and financial planners who provided input in our final product. This means that an inventory created for one reason can be easily adjusted to meet many of the other needs listed here.


Life events when one benefits from a home inventory


  • Estate settlement
  • Estate and financial planning
  • Separation of Assets/Divorce
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Detailed list prior to moving
  • Keeping track of items in storage


Additional business needs for an asset inventory


  • Proper filing of personal property tax returns
  • Knowing value of assets when applying for a loan or line of credit
  • Tracking assets
  • Preventing unnecessary purchases
  • Budgeting for future purchases
  • Buy/sell/merger/acquisition/dissolution of business


There are so many times when a homeowner, renter, or business owner can benefit from having detailed photos and a list of assets. Not only do we create the initial report, we also have in place a follow-up process for updates so your records can remain current. We are certified, bonded, and insured, and welcome the opportunity to provide you with our professional services.