Preserving Your Memories

Our life is made of memories, some good and some not. We are who we are because of these memories and the paths we have taken. Some of our memories started as dreams we had for ourselves, and living my dream is when I realized that having a thorough list and photos of my business assets is part of preserving my business.


I can attribute this sense of preservation due to my years as an EMT where too often I see peoples’ lives literally going up in smoke as we respond to a fire. Other losses incurred by tornado and severe storms also bring the reality of the need to have an inventory of your personal and business contents.


I had a dream brewing for many years to own an events venue, and it slowly came to life. Each of many business planning sessions with my spouse took me closer to this goal. Convinced that it was feasible, my dream came to fruition in the summer of 2014 when we purchased a Victorian home. Weddings, meetings, girlfriend getaways, etc., are now being held here.


This brings me back to realizing the need for an asset inventory. When we purchased the house and were getting it set up for business, I knew that this detailed document of the main house and the carriage house would give me peace of mind when guests were staying at The Magnolia of Montgomery County. As new furnishings are purchased, I am able to add them to my records, easily keeping my inventory up to date.


Preserving photos


So now the house is making new memories for us, but I also have a lot of guests who spend the weekend working on THEIR memories. Many of my group rentals are scrapbookers and they are getting away to work on their albums. I am so happy to be able to give them a place to do this and help them to reclaim many of the memories they thought were lost. While working on scrapbooks, many ask how to preserve the photos.


Here are 3 tips for photo preservation:


  1. Save your photos in more than one place. Three backups are recommended by the industry and they should be in different formats (disk, cloud, jumpdrive).
  2. Store your photos with some type of story behind it – when you are not around to share the words, people will just see “a bunch of old people I don’t have any idea who they are.” You can use photo safe labeling pencils or store the story digitally with your photo.
  3. Hire a professional to help with your collection of photos. It is often difficult to glean out the photos that you really need and want to preserve. Find an objective professional who can guide you while preserving your legacy.


Whether you are creating an inventory of your photos or an inventory of your home or business contents, you are compiling and preserving two very important areas of your life – your family memories and/or your business assets.


Jodi Body is the owner of The Magnolia of Montgomery County and also Hoosier Photo Organizer, which allows her to show people how to preserve their photos, movies, and documents that have been stashed away as a part of their history. For more information, visit, email or phone 317-989-2813 or, email