If you have an inventory, and disaster does happen, your initial claim can be quickly submitted within 24 to 36 hours.

Residential (Home) Inventory Services

Don’t let a disaster – and the lack of a household inventory list – hinder your financial future by needing to use your retirement savings or your children’s college funds to purchase items the insurance company could have funded. We are committed to creating a professional personal property inventory for you to help protect you from that scenario.

Our nationally certified inventory company will provide you with the tools to help you properly recover from a major loss. Without a thorough home inventory prepared prior to your loss, it can take up to 12 months to gather the information your adjuster and insurance company need to begin the insurance claims process. If you have an inventory, and a disaster does occur, your initial claim can be quickly submitted within 48 hours.

Everyone works hard to have the financial ability to purchase their personal property; however, few of us can afford to not recover the losses that occur due to fires, burglaries, or other catastrophes. Protect your family’s financial stability with a thorough home inventory.

Disaster preparedness isn’t the only reason you need a list of your belongings.

You will also benefit from this information for:

  • Ensuring that you have sufficient insurance coverage – an inventory will help you know the true value of all of your contents, and help identify which items exceed the limits of coverage on homeowners insurance policy.
  • Estate planning plans made in advance of the time the household inventory list is needed is a comfort to those who would otherwise have to struggle to pull information together at a time they are least likely to be at their best.
  • Estate settlement – executors are most often an adult child, and the duties and responsibilities are often overwhelming. The time, stress, and turmoil can be alleviated by using the services of an inventory company.
  • Pre-nuptial agreements helps prove value of each person’s assets before the households are combined. It also gives the adult children a sense of security with regard to their inheritance because the belongings are documented prior to the wedding.
  • Separation of Assets/Divorce helps provide a proper split of assets. If one or both spouses own a business, a professionally documented list of the business assets ensures accurate asset value claims.
  • Moving – items are all too often misplaced or damaged; you’ll have proof with your home inventory documents.
  • Storage thefts and floods are not uncommon in storage facilities. An inventory document listing items in storage will be imperative to prove loss.
  • Peace of mind – the most important reason!

Confidentiality is guaranteed. Our concern for the security of client information is a priority, beginning with the first phone call.