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The Statistics Are Staggering

According to the FBI's most recent statistics, there is a reported robbery every 1.6 minutes in the U.S. and a burglary every 18.2 seconds. This equates to more than three burglaries every minute, 198 every hour, and 4,608 every day. The cost of property crimes is estimated...

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It’s Not A Game

There is a memory game that many play at wedding and baby showers. The host has a tray full of a variety of household objects, and for a few seconds, the attendees study them. The tray is taken away, out of site, and everyone writes...

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Will the Burglars Return?

Before we answer the question the title poses, let's look at the terms robbery, burglary, and theft. Robbery is when someone takes something from another person by force (i.e., a gun, knife, or other threat).   Burglaries are crimes of breaking and entering into a building with the...

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