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It’s Not A Game

There is a memory game that many play at wedding and baby showers. The host has a tray full of a variety of household objects, and for a few seconds, the attendees study them. The tray is taken away, out of site, and everyone writes...

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Preserving Your Memories

Our life is made of memories, some good and some not. We are who we are because of these memories and the paths we have taken. Some of our memories started as dreams we had for ourselves, and living my dream is when I realized...

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Appraisals – Why and How?

Our family appraisal firm was founded 40 years ago in a single office in Naples, FL by my father Ray Nugent Jr. Over the years, we are often asked, "Why should I have an appraisal?" and "What is the process?"   I can't speak for others...

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