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Odds and Ends

The best gift I ever got was a box of rocks.   (Yes, really.)   It was my fortieth birthday and my childhood friend, Sarah, had recently returned from a trip to the seashore with her kids.   She presented me with this beautiful blue box.   Inside were...

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What To Do With All That Stuff

In a previous blog post titled "Collectibles Are Losing Their Appeal," we discussed the changing outlook of the younger generations regarding furnishings that have been handed down to them. They don't want to polish silver, don't host formal dinner parties, and many just don’t want to...

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Collectibles Are Losing Their Appeal

One of the saddest situations we encounter when providing estate inventory services is when the children of the deceased find that their parents' collectibles are not worth what they anticipated. What was purchased at one time with the intent to leave their adult children with...

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