The Sales Are Great

The Sales Are Great

Many people take advantage of the fantastic sales offered during this holiday season. Appliances, electronics, furniture, jewelry, high-priced clothing – just about anything you need or want is available at a reduced price during the month of December.

When you purchase your new personal property items (home or business contents), remember to keep the receipts. File them in a safe place.

If you don’t have a home inventory, this is a great time to start creating one. If you do have this information recorded, take photos of the new items and also add the information (manufacturer, serial number, model number, etc.) to your report. Be sure to include the price.

Be prepared with a home inventory

Being prepared in case you have a loss will help you recover when filing your insurance claim. Your inventory will provide proof that you owned that surround sound home theater system, the leather sectional, power tools, the new snowblower, and all of your other belongings.

So, enjoy shopping, and enjoy saving money. You might even have saved enough to pay for a professional home inventory service so you can sit back and enjoy your new purchases!