Well, That’s A Real Nice Ho-Ho-Ho

On the first, second, and sometimes even third “trash day” after the holidays, you can drive through any neighborhood see empty boxes upon empty boxes by the curb. These boxes show what a wonderful holiday everyone had.


They also show something else – which house the burglars will decide to visit real soon! These empty boxes will show who received new computers and printers, audio systems, televisions, appliances, and more. A box showing a picture of a jewelry armoire will state something quite loudly: there is a lot of jewelry in this house!


One way to discourage theft is to conceal your new gifts or purchases. Take the boxes to a recycle center. Another alternative is to put the broken-down boxes into trash bags (not the see-through ones). If the burglars have to guess what’s in your bags, but the neighbor has his boxes out for all to see, which house do you think they’ll choose? This won’t protect you completely, but it certainly will not invite these unwelcome intruders in, either!


Now, think about all the items you just received (or purchased due to the after-holiday sales). Could you remember each item and prove ownership if you did have a theft?

The emotion caused by a burglary

The emotion you will experience will most likely cause barriers to thinking of items you see every day in your house. You’ll see a bare spot along the wall, on a table, or on the bookshelf, and try to remember what used to be there.  The time, stress, and financial loss can be overwhelming. Take precautions to guard against the loss by having proper lighting, security system, and not announcing to would-be burglars that your house is a hot spot for their “profession.”


Can you imagine coming home from a day of holiday activities to find that a “reverse Santa” chose you? You can’t completely stop burglars from entering your house, but you sure can take precautions so you don’t encourage them to do so.

Perfect time to create an inventory

Also, this time of year is the perfect time to update your personal property inventory. Take photos of all your new items before putting them away. Individual photos should be taken of high-end items. Don’t forget about clothing. A photo of a leather jacket is important if you need to file an insurance claim. For your written report, record the manufacturer, serial number, model number. and other identifying information. Also record the date and purchase price. Keep the receipts and put them with your inventory record.


If you don’t have an inventory, now is the perfect time to create one. Or, if you choose not to do it yourself, contact a service provider near you. The cost of this service will quite often be less than just one gift or item you purchased.