Weren’t We Just At High School Graduation?

It’s mid-July, and if you have a recent high school graduate preparing for college – or a child returning for their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and possibly 5th year, you know that there are a plethora of items on your to-do list! Many will be leaving as soon as next month. Next Month!


I was watching an old Andy Hardy movie where he was leaving for college. He had just one small suitcase. Yep. One. Small. Suitcase. And he was on his way!


Things have changed tremendously over the years, and it has become a major task to plan and prepare. When it’s the first child going to college, and their first year, the days are filled with a mixture of emotions – both happy and sad. Your planning has most likely already begun between the tears and laughter.


Reviewing the information from the school can be daunting! The list of things to do, and items for your college student to take with them, seems to be a mile long. Most likely, you wonder if you’ll ever get everything accomplished. And many times you probably have wondered if there is something missing on your list.


Here are two items that many don’t realize they should do, but will be extremely beneficial and possibly a major cost savings. Both protect the investment you made in all the personal property tht will soon have a new home. These can add up to thousands of dollars very quickly.




Talk to your agent to determine if your policy covers items he or she will be taking with them to school. Inform your agent whether they will be living in a dorm, or if they will be renting a house or apartment off campus. Each homeowners policy is different, so don’t make a decision based on information a friend or neighbor shares with you. Only your agent will be able to guide you properly.


Personal property inventory


Having a list of all the items they “need” is helpful if they face a loss due to fire, theft, or natural disaster. Being able to provide the model and serial numbers of electronics will help prove ownership and will most likely be required for a police report as well as your insurance claim.


Think of all the “essential” items that have these identifying numbers:


  • cell phones
  • laptops
  • printers
  • tablets
  • televisions
  • refrigerators
  • microwave ovens


You will also want to list all the other personal property, including:


  • shoes and clothing
  • jewelry
  • sports equipment
  • muscial instrument
  • fan
  • dishes
  • linens


If you have an inventory of your home, it will be quite easy to just update the list of items, identifying what is staying in your house and what they are taking. When all the college-bound items are gathered together, a few quick photos will be helpful. If you don’t have a home inventory yet, this will help you get started on the rest of the house (this task will help fill the void when you get lonely).


We all hope there will never be a need to file an insurance claim, but it does happen every day. The best way to protect yourself to ensure a sufficient insurance reimbursement is to prepare by having a home inventory of all of your belongings. And, of course, if you don’t want to tackle the inventory project, a local home inventory professional will be happy to do it for you.