What Have You Done Lately?

RemodelingThis is the time of year to tackle small and large projects in your home. Outdoor projects might include new landscaping, building a deck, constructing a new patio, or even adding on a bonus room, sunroom, or other additional living areas. Some have found their garages are overflowing so choose to purchase or build a storage building, while others are building a garage or carport Ald of course, with summer here, you might be one of the owners of a new pool, which often includes building a pool house.

Indoors there are many projects that range from redecorating to minor remodeling to a larger project of upgrading a 20-year-old kitchen or bathroom.

Reasons for redecorating vary greatly. Your child who was eight years old the last time you decorated his or her bedroom is now a pre-teen or teenager. Time for a new “theme” in their bedroom. What was once a “toy room” for the toddlers needs to be transformed into a game room now that the kids are older. Possibly your children have moved to their own home and it’s time to make one of the bedrooms into a guest room.

All of these projects typically require new tools, equipment, furniture, appliances, electronics, and decorative items. When changes are made, people frequently forget to update their home inventory. When neglected, this valuable document can become outdated.

Think about what you’ve done lately … a couple years ago, last year, or even very recently. Have you updated your inventory to reflect these changes? Insurance companies suggest that you update your inventory at least every two years to be of most help if you need to file a claim.

You’ve invested in the upgrades in your home; we recommend that you also invest in keeping your inventory up to date. If you don’t have an inventory of your home’s contents – there is no better time than now to create one or hire a professional to do it for you.

Enjoy your projects, and enjoy your summer!.