Why You Should Consider Being Certified

You have probably noticed the initials CIE next to our names, and wondered what they mean. These initials stand for Certified Inventory Expert, stating that we have achieved certification by the National Inventory Certification Association and abide by their stated Code of Ethics. 


The asset inventory industry is not under a mandate that inventory providers achieve a certification to offer home inventory and business inventory services. CPAs, nurses, financial advisors, insurance agents, appraisers, and many other professionals must meet certification requirements to remain in their fields.


Though our industry is not structured to require it, we have chosen to be certified. Since it takes time and a financial investment to achieve the certification, some have asked why we would bother, when it isn’t necessary. There are many reasons for this, both on a personal and a business level.


For our service, having a designation of Certified Inventory Expert provides the following


  • Adds credibility.
  • Gives a sense of accomplishment.
  • Shows that we care enough about our industry to choose to take a leadership role.
  • Clients know they’ve chosen someone who takes their business seriously.
  • It indicates to those seeking an inventory service that we are professional and ethical.


Being certified, in addition to being bonded and insured, represents a triangle of business responsibility to my clients. And with that comes peace of mind.